Nodejs asynchronous programming bring "Accidental complexity" : Nodejs异步编程带来的意外复杂性

参考原文: What's missing from NodeJS

How could you not be interested in language features, since, after all, you write in that language and it's the single most important thing once you get past accidental complexity.

A part of those projects were written for fun, and others for learning. But many, probably, were written out of necessity. Now when you see a dozen “control flow” libraries that deal with “asynchronous programming” you begin to wonder if this is a serious problem. And it is. If you want to fetch 3 values from a database and print their sum, you need to do something like this:

get_val("foo", function(foo){
    get_val("bar", function(bar){
        get_val("baz", function(baz){
            print(foo + bar + baz);


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