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vim config file

# .vimrc config by me
set expandtab 
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set nonumber
set smarttab

k up l right j down h right; space right; G move cursor to header of end line of file;

function foo(abc){
    console.log('hello world');

u undo last change; U undo all changes to entire line;

dd delete current cursor line. 3dd delete next 3 lines; D delete contents of line after cursor; C delete contents of line after cursor and insert;

dw delete word cw change word x delete char at curosr.

R Overwrite char form cursor onward; s Substitute entire line abc on right

function a(){
    function() {
        console.log('hello world');

:r !date
2011年 04月 01日 星期五 20:52:55 CST


:s/\t/    /g

replace tab to 4 space in current line.(how to replace all?)


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